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ABL Meeting

2nd Tuesday of the Month

Torrent Brewing Co. (MAP)



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Mike Young

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Scott Nelson


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Mike Young 




Ames Brewers League - Information


Club Business & Style of the Month Competition

2nd Tuesday of the Month

Torrent Brewing Company (MAP)

7:00 PM


How to Join

- Show up to out monthly meeting!

- Check us out on FACEBOOK

- Join the Google Group to signup for the mailing list

*email MikeYoungHB "at" with any problems*


Meeting Info

The Ames Brewers League meeting consists of discussing club business & events and then holding a monthly Style of the Month competition.  The monthly competition is a great way to get feedback from experienced judges and provides a way for you to discuss feedback afterwards.  When the competition has ended, members will talk amongst themselves about various brewing related topics and share any homebrews that were brought.  Bringing samples of your homebrewed beer is always appreciated!


**We ask that no one under the age of 21 attend our monthly meetings.  Torrent Brewing Company has been very generous to allow us to meet at their brewery, and we would hate to jeopardize their Native Brewery licensing.**


How to Join the ABL Mailing List

Joining the Ames Brewers League is easy: just attend one of the monthly meetings, either at Torrent Brewing or Olde Main.  Also, sign up for the ABL Google group in order to get club emails.  Click HERE and ask to join the group, or email MikeYoungHB "at" to get added.


Mission Statement

We are the Ames Brewers League. Our mission is to help educate the region of central Iowa centered around Ames, IA, about the brewing and enjoyment of beer. The production of beer is a conceptually simple process of fermenting a hop-infused sugary solution with yeast, but it is much more than that. Our purpose is to help our membership to brew better beer, and to educate the public about the many and varied styles of beer made in the world today. We also have a great deal of fun at our monthly meetings, trading experiences and exchanging information about new techniques and established practices.  We always have something interesting to discuss at every meeting.



Our club has been growing steadily since its inception in March of 1999. We currently have between 20 and 30 members. These members come from every walk of life, and every level of brewing experience is represented from absolute beginners to commercial brewers. We also have members at every level of brewing complexity from all extract to full, multi-step mash regimes.  Everyone is welcome to attend as long as they are of legal drinking age.


Past Guest Speakers

  • Cory O'Neel - Head Brewer at Granite City

  • Jeff "Puff" Irvin - Head Brewer at Olde Main Brewing, Ames

  • Steve Zimmerman - former Head Brewer at Court Avenue Brewing Company, Des Moines

  • Laurel Maney - Once of Miller Brewing, now the Director of the Brewing Program at Milwaukee Area Technical College

  • Paul Kreutzfeldt - Head Brewer at Rock Bottom Brewing, Des Moines

  • Dave Coy - Head Brewer at Raccoon River Brewing Company

  • Rob Moline - American Homebrewers Association Board of Advisors, Winner of the 1996 Gold Medal for Barleywines at GABF