2018 ABL Raffle


The Ames Brewers League 2018 Raffle event had a great turnout. We would like to thank Torrent Brewing Company as always for graciously hosting the event. Of course, a huge thanks also to all of our sponsors and members that made donations to this fund-raiser. Finally, thanks to the attendees of the event for supporting this event and making it a continued success. Please find a list of the donations and our sponsors below. Check back later for pictures from the raffle!

2018 Raffle Donations


Fermentis LD Carlson Five Star Wyeast Rahr BSG hops Simpsons Malt Weyermann Crisp Malt Patagonia Malting Company of Ireland Olde Main Brewing Company Alluvial Brewing Company Torrent Brewing Company Morning Bell Coffee Roasters Full Court Press Confluence Brewing Company Exile Brewing Company Peace Tree Brewing Company 515 Brewing Company Beer Crazy Barn Town Brewing Twisted Vine Brewery Firetrucker

2017 Big Brew


The Ames Brewers League recently participated in the national Big Brew day coordinated by the American Homebrew Association (AHA) at Torrent Brewing Company. Every year on the first Saturday of May, the AHA coordinates a global brew day for homebrew clubs and brewers all over the world. This is a great opportunity to brew beer in a more public place and provide brewing demonstrations for people who may be interested in homebrewing but haven't jumped in yet. Luckily for us, the downtown Ames farmers market was going on the same day so there was plenty of foot traffic right next to Torrent.

Updated Ames Water Report


Dr. Ron recently contacted the Ames water department to get an updated water analysis with information pertinent to brewers, especially those who brew all-grain. The updated information has been listed below. Also note that the City of Ames uses chloramines rather than chlorine, so boiling alone will not remove that from your water. The best way to treat chloramines is to add a portion of a campden tablet (potassium metabisulfate) to your brewing water. One tablet can treat up to 20 gallons of water. These are available at mostly all homebrew stores or online vendors.

Total Alkalinity (CaCO3) = 55 mg/L

Sulfate level (SO4) = 110 mg/L

Sodium (Na) = 29 mg/L

Chlorate = 0.12 mg/L

Chlorite = less than 0.04 mg/L

Chlorine level = 2.2-2.5 mg/L (total chlorine)

Magnesium (Mg) Hardness = 11 mg/L

Calcium (Ca) Hardness* = 152 mg/L

* Hardness ppm is listed as CaCO3 (not ppm as Ca)

2017 Ames Brewers League Raffle


We had a great turnout at the raffle this year thanks to a great selection of donations from various local breweries, businesses, homebrew shops, and online vendors. Thank you very much to everyone who donated items and attended the raffle to buy tickets to support our club!!! We were able to raise a $950 to fund current and future club events. We will use a portion of the money to support a current BJCP judging study class, supplement the club's participation in the upcoming 2017 HomebrewCon in Minneapolis this summer, and various other club events. Thank you again to everyone who donated and participated to make the event a great success! Here are a few pictures from the event along with a list of our generous donors.


Science of Beer & Brewing


Ames Brewers League member & current President Dr. Scott Nelson gave a great presentation on the Science of Beer & Brewing at Torrent Brewing Company! Scott provided in-depth information on the process of brewing, which included topics such as the malting process, enzyme activity, how yeast multiply & convert sugar to ethanol, and many other interesting topics. There was a great turnout for his presentation, and the brewery was filled with people interested in hearing about the more scientific aspects of brewing. Great job Scott!

2016 Mead Day


We had great weather for this years ABL Mead Day hosted by Mark & Colette Simpson! Several buckets of apples were crushed and pressed along with a few batches of mead being mixed up. Everyone who attended brought several different types and bottles of meads, beer, and cider for sampling among the group. A great time was had by all!

2016 Big Brew Day at Torrent Brewing


The Ames Brewers League setup a few different brew systems in front of Torrent Brewing Company to celebrate national Big Brew Day. There was a lot of foot traffic earlier on in the morning for a local food truck showdown down the street, so the club was able to hand out business cards and talk through the brewing process with a few people. The weather turned a bit rainy around noon, so since the current beers being brewed were almost finished, we called it a day at that point. Overall, it was a fun event to get the club together as well as provide anyone interested in the brewing process a little more detailed look at what's involved.

2016 Ames Brewers League Raffle


We had another great ABL raffle this year! Since we started meeting at Torrent Brewing Company, we decided to hold our raffle there and have a potluck for food which worked out great. I didn't get as many pictures as usual and missed images of all the grain donations we had that came in a little later, but as you can see from the image below, we had a great turnout. We'd like to thank all the people and businesses that donated to our raffle this year as well as Torrent for hosting. With the help of all our donors, we were able to raise close to $800 to fund our club activities for the year. Thank you to all of our donors and members who purchased raffle tickets at the event!


2015 Ames Brewers League Raffle


We had another great raffle this year for the Ames Brewers League, and with the help of all our donors/sponsors, we were able to raise over $700 for the club! We really appreciate all the organizations & businesses that donated items to the raffle this year. We couldn't do it without you. Also, we'd like to thank Olde Main for hosting this even for the last several years. They are always very accommodating and really bend over backwards to help us out. Check out the pictures below and also a list of all our sponsors and donations for the year. Cheers!


First Meeting at Torrent Brewing!


We had a great first meeting at Torrent Brewing! The brewery is really coming along and the guys are hoping to be open sometime middle-late November. We had one of the biggest turnouts for this meeting since people wanted to check out the brewery. There were also a couple new people that came that were interested in the club, so that's always a good sign right after moving meeting locations. We look forward to this new partnership with Torrent Brewing and can't wait to see where it goes from here!

2014 ABL Mead Day


We had a great turnout for this years annual ABL Mead Day! We made a few batches of mead and of course sampled some meads from different club brews. Mark and Colette were great hosts as always. We had a table full of crock pots and different food that members brought for people to snack on throughout the day. Mark served a couple kegs of his Russian Imperial Stout that he ages in a Jack Daniels barrel, and they were great. Several other members brought beers that they've been saving for a special occasion. All in all, it was a great day to enjoy a sunny day outside.

NEW Business Meeting Location - Torrent Brewing!


With Wallaby's moving to their new location at the end of September, they will no longer be able to accommodate our ABL club meetings. We greatly appreciate Wallaby's generosity over the years by allowing the club to meet at their restaurant and bring in samples of our homebrew when no one else in Ames would. Our September 9th meeting will be the last one held at Wallaby's, so let's make it a good one!

After discussing new meeting locations, Torrent Brewing Company has generously offered to allow the ABL to meet at their brewery, and we are happy to accept! Starting in October, the business/competition meeting (2nd Tuesday of the month) will be held at Torrent Brewing. We look forward to this new partnership and hope to see it grow over the years.

Upcoming Meeting Info/Recap:

September 9 - Last Meeting at Wallaby's
October 14 - First Meeting at Torrent Brewing Company!

2014 Iowa State Fair Beer Competition Results


Check out the State Fair Homebrew Competition results here.

Ames Brewers League 2014 Raffle


We had a great time at our annual raffle as always this year, with even more prizes and attendance than previous events. We greatly appreciate all the organizations that donate items to the raffle each year. This year, we were able to raise around $800 to fund the club and our activities. Thank you to everyone who made the event a success!


Oktoberfest Competition Information


A page has been setup for our Oktoberfest Competition later this year that includes Competition Information, Entry Forms, and Bottle ID Forms. This will be the first BJCP competition that the ABL has hosted, so we're hoping everything goes smoothly.

2013 Summerfest Brewing Demonstrations

This summer, the Ames Brewers League had an opportunity to show the community about the brewing process and homebrewing in general. We all had a great time talking with people, handing out information sheets, and giving people business cards. Even though it started pouring rain later in the day, it was still a fun event. Here are a few pictures:

ABL Logo Redesign


After working through several different logo designs, the Ames Brewers League decided to go with the image below. We worked with a very talented graphic designer named Luke Leidal who was able to take our ideas and present several different options. The website has been mostly updated, and we will be working on updating several other club items including our banner, business cards, and flyers. Also, look for a t-shirt and merchandise order in the future.

ABL New Logo

2013 ABL Raffle


We had another great turnout for the raffle this year, with a record number of items donated and people attending. With the help of all our sponsors and people who donated items, we were able to raise close to $800 to benefit the club. Thank you to everyone who donated items to the raffle, Olde Main for hosting the event, and everyone who came and purchased tickets. We couldn't do it without you!


2012 ABL Winter Potluck


Eric and Susan hosted a fun day of food and great beer where everyone brought a food item to share along with homebrew and any special bottles of commercial beer they had been aging for a special occasion. As you can see from the pictures, we ended up with a lot of both.

ABL 2012 Mead Day


Mark and Colette hosted another great Mead Day this year. Even though the dry weather prevented us from crushing any apples or pears to make cider/perry, we made a couple batches of mead and melomel and enjoyed batches from previous years.

ABL Club Article & Video


One of our members (Mike Young) was recently approached by an ISU student named Matt Wettengel who was producing a short video for one of his classes. After completing the video, Matt was very interested in the brewing process and hobby, so he decided to write an article about it for the first publication of Sir Magazine, which is a GSB funded student magazine. The ABL also decided to put an advertisement for the club next to the article in order to boost membership and raise awareness of our organization. You can find links to the SIR article, video, and ABL advertisement that was placed in the magazine on the "Resources" page.

2012 Annual ABL Raffle


We had another great turnout for our annual raffle this year, and we'd like to thank everyone who donated items as well as everyone who came and bought raffle tickets. There were a ton of great prizes to give out this year, and we were able to make around $900 to help support the club. I've listed out everyone who donated items to the raffle below. Thank you again for all your support for our club!


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