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2nd Tuesday of the Month

Torrent Brewing Co. (MAP)



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Welcome to the Ames Brewers League Website!


Club Business & Style of the Month Competition

2nd Tuesday of the Month

Torrent Brewing Company (MAP)

7:00 PM


How to Join

- Show up to our monthly meeting!

- Dues: $15 per person/family per year

- Check us out on FACEBOOK

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*email MikeYoungHB "at" with any problems*

Meeting Info

A typical Ames Brewers League meeting consists of discussing club business & events and then holding a monthly Style of the Month competition.  The monthly competition is a great way to get feedback from experienced judges and provides a way for you to discuss feedback afterwards.  When the competition has ended, members will talk amongst themselves about various brewing related topics and share any other homebrews that were brought.  Bringing samples of your homebrewed beer is always appreciated!


**We ask that no one under the age of 21 attend our monthly meetings.  Torrent Brewing Company has been very generous to allow us to meet at their brewery, and we would hate to jeopardize their Native Iowa Brewery licensing.**


How to Join the ABL

Joining the Ames Brewers League is easy - Come to a monthly meeting at Torrent Brewing Company! You can check out the club and see if it's something you would be interested in.  No commitment needed up front.  If you decide you'd like to join the club, dues are only $15 per person/family per year.  So if your significant other or spouse would like to join the club also, you still only pay $15 per year for both people.  To stay up-to-date on club information and activities, we suggest you sign up for the ABL Email List through Google Groups as well as the ABL Facebook group.  Click the links below to sign up!






***Starting in May, the ABL meetings will resume the 7:00pm start time***


2017 ABL Big Brew




The Ames Brewers League recently participated in the national Big Brew day coordinated by the American Homebrew Association (AHA) at Torrent Brewing Company.  Every year on the first Saturday of May, the AHA coordinates a global brew day for homebrew clubs and brewers all over the world.  This is a great opportunity to brew beer in a more public place and provide brewing demonstrations for people who may be interested in homebrewing but haven't jumped in yet.  Luckily for us, the downtown Ames farmers market was going on the same day so there was plenty of foot traffic right next to Torrent.


Updated Ames Water Report



Dr. Ron recently contacted the Ames water department to get an updated water analysis with information pertinent to brewers, especially those who brew all-grain.  The updated information has been listed below and is also available under the Files page along with the previous report from 2009 for comparison.  **Also note that the City of Ames uses Chloramine rather than Chlorine, so boiling alone will not remove that from your water.  The best way to treat Chloramine is to add a portion of a campden tablet (Potassium Metabisulfate) to your brewing water.  One tablet can treat up to 20 gallons of water.  These are available at mostly all homebrew stores or online vendors.


Total Alkalinity (CaCO3) = 55 mg/L

Sulfate level (SO4) = 110 mg/L

Sodium (Na) = 29 mg/L

Chlorate = 0.12 mg/L

Chlorite = less than 0.04 mg/L

Chlorine level = 2.2-2.5 mg/L (total chlorine)

Magnesium (Mg) = 11 mg/L

Calcium (Ca) = 152 mg/L


** Hardness ppm is listed as CaCO3 (not ppm as Ca)

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