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Welcome to the Ames Brewers League Website!

Meeting Info

A typical Ames Brewers League meeting consists of discussing club business & events and then holding a monthly Style of the Month competition.  The monthly competition is a great way to get feedback from experienced judges and provides a way for you to discuss feedback afterwards.  When the competition has ended, members will talk amongst themselves about various brewing related topics and share any other homebrews that were brought.  Bringing samples of your homebrewed beer is always appreciated!


**We ask that no one under the age of 21 attend our monthly meetings.  Torrent Brewing Company has been very generous to allow us to meet at their brewery, and we would hate to jeopardize their Native Brewery licensing.**


How to Join the ABL

Joining the Ames Brewers League is easy - Come to a monthly meeting at Torrent Brewing Company! You can check out the club and see if it's something you would be interested in.  No commitments needed.  To stay up-to-date on club information and activities, we suggest you sign up for the ABL Email List through Google Groups as well as the ABL Facebook group.  Click the links below to sign up!





**The November 2016 Meeting will be the THIRD Tuesday of the month (15th) due to the election and will be starting at the new time of 7:30pm**

All future club meetings will be the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm.  Please note the permanent time change.  This change is being made so the Torrent owner does not have to rush over and open the facility from an earlier ongoing commitment.  We as a club want to be as accommodating as possible to the Torrent owner since he is gracious enough to let us meet in his facility



2016 Mead Day


We had great weather for this years ABL Mead Day hosted by Mark & Colette Simpson!  Several buckets of apples were crushed and pressed along with a few batches of mead being mixed up.  Everyone who attended brought several different types and bottles of meads, beer, and cider for sampling among the group.  A great time was had by all!




2016 Big Brew Day at Torrent Brewing



The Ames Brewers League setup a few different brew systems in front of Torrent Brewing Company to celebrate national Big Brew Day. There was a lot of foot traffic earlier on in the morning for a local food truck showdown down the street, so the club was able to hand out business cards and talk through the brewing process with a few people. The weather turned a bit rainy around noon, so since the current beers being brewed were almost finished, we called it a day at that point. Overall, it was a fun event to get the club together as well as provide anyone interested in the brewing process a little more detailed look at what's involved.




2016 Ames Brewers League Raffle


We had another great ABL raffle this year! Since we started meeting at Torrent Brewing Company, we decided to hold our raffle there and have a potluck for food which worked out great.  I didn't get as many pictures as usual and missed images of all the grain donations we had that came in a little later, but as you can see from the image below, we had a great turnout.  We'd like to thank all the people and businesses that donated to our raffle this year as well as Torrent for hosting.  With the help of all our donors, we were able to raise close to $800 to fund our club activities for the year.  Thank you to all of our donors and members who purchased raffle tickets at the event!





Confluence Brewing

55lb Golden Promise

Tasting Glasses (4)

$20 Gift Card



C&S Brew Supply

Growlers (2)

$20 Gift Cards (2)

Pint Glasses (2)



T-Shirts (4)

Hats (2)

Lanyards, Stickers, Magnets







Yeast (US-05 & S-04)

Weyerman Munich (5 lb)

Irish Stout Malt (5lb)

Grain Samples (5 varieties)

Mandrania Bavaria Hops (8 oz)

Citra Hops (8 oz)


Full Court Press

$25 Gift Cards (2)


Madhouse Brewing

Gift Basket (2 Bombers, coozie, bottle opener)


515 Brewing

5 lbs Simcoe Hops

T-Shirts (2)


Boone Valley Brewing

Growlers w/fill coupon (2)



LD Carlson

Chocolate Milk Stout kit (5 gallon)

Cranberry Dark Wit kit (1 gallon)

Cider House kit (6 gallon)

Wine/Bottle Openers (3)


Beer Crazy

$50 Gift Card



Andrew Koehring (Bells)

2011 Excentric Ale (4)

Bells Sachel/Cooler

T-Shirts (2)

Ceramic Coasters

Patches & Buttons


Olde Main Brewing Company

50 lb Rahr Pale Malt (3)


Alluvial Brewing

50 lb Rahr Pale Malt

Pint Glasses (2)


Lallemand Yeast

Nottingham (10)

Munich (10)

Abbaye (10)

Munich Classic (10)

BRY-97 (10)

Belle Saison (10)

Windsor (10)


Exile Brewing

Growler w/ fill coupon

Morning Bell Coffee Roasters

1 lb Fresh Roasted Specialty Coffee (2)


Granite City Brewing

Various Grain Samples

Various Hop Samples


Torrent Brewing Company

Dark Star Burner

Growlers w/ fill coupon (2)


Mark & Colette Simpson

T-Shirts (5)

Glassware (12)


Christine Wydert



Firetrucker Brewing

Growler w/ fill coupon



Star-San Sanitzier (15)

PBW Cleaner (15)



Yeast Packets (5 of each)

US-05, S-04, S-33, S-23, W-34/70, T-58, Abbaye, WB-06

Calculators, Lanyards, Coasters, Pens


Reclaimed Rails Brewing Co

Pint Glasses (2)


Founders Brewing

T-Shirts (2)




2015 Ames Brewers League Raffle



We had another great raffle this year for the Ames Brewers League, and with the help of all our donors/sponsors, we were able to raise over $700 for the club!  We really appreciate all the organizations & businesses that donated items to the raffle this year.  We couldn't do it without you.  Also, we'd like to thank Olde Main for hosting this even for the last several years.  They are always very accommodating and really bend over backwards to help us out.  Check out the pictures below and also a list of all our sponsors and donations for the year.  Cheers!






-Baseball Hat


LD Carlson

-Honey Brown Ale Kit

-AM Pale Ale BIAB Kit


Full Court Press

-2 x $25 gift cards


Five Star

-PBW 1 lb (24)

-StarSan 8oz (24)


Fermentis/Lasaffre Yeast

-Yeast (5 each US-05, S-04, T-58, Abbaye)

-Box Openers

-LED Flashlights (12)

-Bags, Coasters, Pens



-Mexican Cerveza Kit

-Shirts (6)

-Hats (4)

-Bottle openers, coasters, pens, notepads, mini-mugs



-Yeast (10 of each)

BRY-97, Abbaye, Nottingham, Windsor, Belle Saison, Munich)



-50 lb Irish Stout Malt

-Growlers w/ $12 gift card (2)

-T-shirts (2)


Brewcraft USA

-Magnum hops (1 lb)

-Vanguard hops (1 lb)

-Hop sample packs (centennial, fuggle, Willamette)

-Mangrove Jack Yeast (3 x M4, 3 x M79)

-BeerStix American Oak

-Brewing Spices (coriander, bitter orange, paradise seed)



 -4 gift bags (shirt, other)


-Growler w/ fill


Beer Crazy

-$50 Gift Card

-T-shirts (2)

-CO2 Charger


BSG Handcraft

-Specialty Malts (3)

-10 lbs Weyermann Pils

-10 lbs Rahr Pale

-10 lbs Crisp Marris Otter

-10 lb Irish Base Malt

-8 oz El Dorado Hops


White Labs

-T-shirts (3)

-Yeast Coupons (5)

-BrewMaster Game


Bells Brewing Co (Andrew & Liz)

-T-Shirts (3)



-Stickers & Coozies


Torrent Brewing Company



-Pint Glass

-Stickers & Coasters


MadHouse Brewing Company

-Gift Basket (Beer, glass, chocolate, metal beer bucket)


Granite City Brewing Company

-Hops (Willamette, Sterling, Tettnang)

-30 lbs 2-row

-Specialty Grains (Abbey, Brown, -Crystal 70/80 & 135/165, Caramunich 3, Roast Malt, Chocolate, Pale Chocolate)


C&S Brew Supply

-$15 gift cards (2)

-Pint Glasses (2)

-Bottle Openers (2)

Exile Brewing Company

-$20 Gift Card



Boone Valley Brewing Company

-Boston Rounds w/ Fill & Carrier (2)


Groernfell Meadery

-Flannel Sweatshirt

-Pint Glasses (2)

-Stickers (10)



-5 lb CO2 Tank Fill


Rock Bottom Brewery

-30 G Cody Road Bourbon Barrel

-Rocktoberfest Krugs (12)


Twisted Vine Brewing

-T-shirts (2)

-Pint Glasses (2)

-Magnum Hops (2 lb)

-Saphire Hops (1 lb)

-Cascade Hops (1 lb)


Mucky Duck

-$20 Gift Card


Olde Main Brewing Company

-50 lbs Rahr Pale (2)

-50 lbs Golden Promise

-50 lbs Weyermann Munich

-50 lbs Weyermann Vienna


Flix Brewhouse

-Movie passes (4)


515 Brewing Company

-Mt. Hood Hops (2 lb)



Founders Brewing Company

-T-shirts (2)


Lauri Glasgow

-6-piece glassware set


John Mogler

-15 gallon fermenter


First Meeting at Torrent Brewing!



We had a great first meeting at Torrent Brewing! The brewery is really coming along and the guys are hoping to be open sometime middle-late November. We had one of the biggest turnouts for this meeting since people wanted to check out the brewery. There were also a couple new people that came that were interested in the club, so that's always a good sign right after moving meeting locations. We look forward to this new partnership with Torrent Brewing and can't wait to see where it goes from here!

2014 ABL Mead Day



We had a great turnout for this years annual ABL Mead Day! We made a few batches of mead and of course sampled some meads from different club brews. Mark and Colette were great hosts as always. We had a table full of crock pots and different food that members brought for people to snack on throughout the day. Mark served a couple kegs of his Russian Imperial Stout that he ages in a Jack Daniels barrel, and they were great. Several other members brought beers that they've been saving for a special occasion. All in all, it was a great day to enjoy a sunny day outside.

NEW Business Meeting Location - Torrent Brewing!



With Wallaby's moving to their new location at the end of September, they will no longer be able to accommodate our ABL club meetings.  We greatly appreciate Wallaby's generosity over the years by allowing the club to meet at their restaurant and bring in samples of our homebrew when no one else in Ames would.  Our September 9th meeting will be the last one held at Wallaby's, so let's make it a good one!


After discussing new meeting locations, Torrent Brewing Company has generously offered to allow the ABL to meet at their brewery, and we are happy to accept!  Starting in October, the business/competition meeting (2nd Tuesday of the month) will be held at Torrent Brewing.  We look forward to this new partnership and hope to see it grow over the years.


Upcoming Meeting Info/Recap:

September 9th - Last meeting at Wallaby's

October 14th - First meeting at Torrent Brewing Company!


2014 Iowa State Fair Beer Competition Results



Check out the State Fair Homebrew Competition results HERE.


Ames Brewers League 2014 Raffle



We had a great time at our annual raffle as always this year, with even more prizes and attendance than previous events.  We greatly appreciate all the organizations that donate items to the raffle each year.  This year, we were able to raise around $800 to fund the club and our activities.  Thank you to everyone who made the event a success!



Raffle Donations


Granite City

44 lbs Glacier Hops

3 lbs Summit Hops

3 lbs Apollo Hops

1 lb Cascade Hops

1 lb GR Tettnang Hops

1 lb Willamette Hops

Assorted Malt

(2-row, wheat, brown, C70, C150, Brown, Chocolate, CM3)

T-Shirts (3)

Hats (2)


Olde Main

50 lb Rahr Pale (2)

55 lb Golden Promise

55 lb Wyermann Munich

55 lb  Wyermann Vienna

T-Shirts (2)


Boone Valley Brewing Co.

Boston Round Growlers (2)

Boston Round Carrier

Gift Card for 2 refills


Lallemand Yeast

Yeast Packets (25)

-Munich, BRY-97, Windsor, Nottingham & Belle Saison


LD Carlson

Equipment Starter Kit

Brewers Best Pale Ale Kit


Five Star Chemicals

PBW (4)

Super Moss (4)

Star-San (4)

Foam Five Star Toys (lots)


LD Carlson

Equipment Starter Kit

Brewers Best Extract Kit


Raccoon River Brewing Co

Sack of Grain (coupon)

1 lb Hops (coupon)

T-Shirts (3)



Beer Crazy

$50 Gift Card

 Bottle Opener

T-Shirts (3)

Black & Tan Spoon


Court Ave Brewing Co.

11 lbs Vanguard Hops


Twisted Vine

1 lb Northern Brewer Hops

1 lb Columbus Hops (leaf)

T-shirts (2)


Keg Stand

Assorted Beers

(Sam Adams Tetravis, SN 2013 Bigfoot, Stone Lucky Bastard, Rogue 2012 Imperial Stout, Stone Old Guardian, Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break Bourbon Barrel Aged)


White Labs

T-Shirts (3)

Free Yeast Coupons (5)

Brewmaster Game



T-Shirts (3)

Hats (3)

Polo Shirt

Brew Calendars (2)

Notepads (4)


Brew Your Own Magazine

1 year subscription (new or renewal)

Rock Bottom

55 lb Pilsner Malt

55 lb Wheat Malt

Glassware (10)

T-Shirts (3)


515 Brewing

2 lbs Pacific Jade Hops

Glassware (2)


Brew Day with 515



$10 Gift Card

Pint Glasses (2)


Number 7 Brewing

Growler & fill (2)


C&S Brew Supply

Glass Carboy

Wooden 6-pack holder


EZ Cap Bottle


Full Court Press

$25 gift cards (2)


Arrowhead Hops

T-Shirt & Koozie pack (2)



5 lb CO2 Tank Refill



Extract Brew Kit 



Free Yeast Coupons (4)

T-Shirts (2)

Hats (2)


William's Brewing

Glassware (3)



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